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The Difference between Working at a Canadian College and a University

If you are interested in working at an institution of higher education in Canada, you have a dizzying array of choices. Everything from universities, to colleges, to university/colleges, to private colleges should be considered in your search. There used to be more of a distinction between public colleges, and universities in Canada. Recently though some […]

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How to Dress for a Business Casual Interview

Business casual dress is reserved for your daily attire in a white-collar office position, but can be appropriate for some interviews. When is it appropriate to dress in business casual for a job interview? There are a couple situations where it is permissible to wear a business casual outfit. Job fairs are one opportunity. They […]

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Top Reasons you didn’t get a Job and What to do About It

When your job search results in your being denied a position, especially after a job interview, it can leave you wondering what went wrong. However, employment with Canadian universities being one of the best kept career secrets in this country, you should always be smart in how you go about your job hunting. Here are […]

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