Coordinator - Recruitment & Admissions

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The Coordinator, Recruitment and Admissions has accountability and responsibility for the day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and related decision-making in the Recruitment and Admissions department. This key leadership position collaborates to inform decision-making that impacts all areas and functions within the department and in light of the strategic goals of the college. The coordinator leads first point-of-contact services for prospective students, their families/supporters, and others on both campuses and at various off-site locations and events. Working closely with the Coordinator – Registration, Communications, Advancement and Planning, and the schools, this position ensures current and prospective students are provided with the necessary details that affect upcoming admissions. In addition, the Coordinator maintains a global and integrated view of Student Services systems, business processes, and the relationship/interface to other system modules and business processes in other departments and the college.

This position requires the incumbent to work at both campuses and may also require overnight travel.


Leadership and Supervision
– Actively contributes to budget development, job description development, policy and business process development;
– Creates appropriate opportunities for team involvement in decision making processes;
– Provides guidance to program leaders, chairs, and other college community on program management, enrolment and registration;
– Ensures enrolment strategies and processes follow and support Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) best practice and the College’s Strategic Plan and assists in identifying strategies and actions in support of the strategic plan;
– Takes a leadership role to identify and produce departmental specific communications to target groups within the college community;
– Schedules and directs daily activities of unit for maximum productivity and coordinates schedules with other service areas as required, and including:
approves, monitors, and reports vacation and other absences and arranges for coverage, as required;
ensures participation on teams, work groups, and committees;
coordinates and/or delivers orientation and training within Student Services or for other college employees, as required;
– Leads the hiring process and develops selection criteria in accordance with collective agreements to meet service expectations and position requirements;
– Defines performance objectives for staff members and assists staff in meeting objectives;
– Enables teamwork, including implementing team-building strategies, collaboration, and information sharing to foster better customer service;
– Proactively supports and mentors staff through organizational change and development as well as day-to-day operations, ensuring the understanding of the department’s impact and effectiveness;
– Liaises with HR, union reps, and management to ensure matters related to collective agreements are handled appropriately and consistently;
– In consultation with supervisor, addresses issues related to professional development requests, leave of absence requests, and matters of employee absenteeism or other human resource issues;
– Will have an in-depth knowledge of all the roles within the department and be able to perform these duties as required;

– Coordinates and ensures the delivery of admissions & recruitment activities, including the receipt, processing, and evaluation of all domestic applications;
– Participates in the development and creation of recruitment presentations, workshops, and resources;
– Collaborates with other college departments to keep department publications, tools, displays, etc. up to date;
– Plans, coordinates, executes, may include set-up & dismantle, and/or participates in on-campus activities, events, and tours for groups and individuals;
– Works collaboratively with schools to define application quotas, deadlines, and achieve targets;
– Coordinates the development of the annual calendar detailing departmental activities and timelines;
– Acts as a key department contact/spokesperson;
– Represents the department on various committees, chairs as appropriate;
– Establishes, implements, and maintains uniform operating procedures and manages records and processes for integrity, security, accuracy, consistency, and decision-making;
– Administers an effective inquiry response and communication system;
– Collects, structures, and maintains statistics and data for planning, reporting, and decision-making purposes;
– Ensures data quality to meet institutional research requirements and ministry standards;
– Provides activity and progress reports on a regular basis;
– Monitors and reports on departmental budget and responds to requests in a timely and accurate manner;
– Researches and recommends enhancements to, and coordinates maintenance of, tools and systems relevant to recruitment and admissions;
– Participates in and/or leads special projects or initiatives, as assigned;
– Continually reviews and documents business processes, practices, and related policies for efficiencies, service standards, and improvements, including researching and maintaining an awareness of best practices/current issues;

Customer Service
– Understands and communicates customer service theory, principles and expectations;
– Develops, implements, monitors, and ensures customer service standards and models exemplary customer service;
– Responds to customer feedback in a sensitive and timely fashion;
– Receives referrals from team to resolve complaints related to departmental processes, policies, and functions;
– Consults and/or refers matters requiring next level of intervention to supervisor;

Performs other related duties similar in scope and complexity.

The core capabilities are required for all positions at the college.

Focus on Students and Their Success (Core)
– We all have a role to play in promoting and supporting students – directly or indirectly – contributing to their success, education and transition as they build their path to the future.

Cultural Alignment (Core)
– Inclusion and respect align with Camosun’s traditions of lifelong learning and positive, supportive experiences for all. We examine our individual and institutional cultures and, through indigenization, consider other ways of knowing (thinking), being (approaches), doing (acting), and relating.

Fostering and Nurturing Relationships (Core)
– Fostering and nurturing relationships is at the core of everything we do. Successful workplace relationships take time to develop and include building trust, engagement and collaboration.