Scientist (Epidemiology)

Job Description

As a member of the Institute’s scientific staff, you will participate in the design, analysis and publication of research studies on the causes and consequences of work-related injury and illness. The incumbent will contribute as a principal investigator or co-investigator to the development and leadership of research projects. S/he will be comfortable working in a multi-disciplinary research environment that includes clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, psychologists, sociologists and economists.  S/he should be eligible for a status appointment with an appropriate faculty of a university affiliated with the Institute for Work & Health.  This position reports to the Institute’s Associate Scientific Directors.
Education and Experience
Qualifications include doctoral-level training in epidemiology or a related population health discipline and at least 5 years professional experience in research-intensive settings.  The successful candidate for this position will have: 1) a record of scientific publication in the field of work and health, 2) experience in the design, implementation and analysis of applied research studies, 3) a history of securing research grant funding, and 4) a successful record of mentoring junior research staff. Appointment will be at the Scientist rank.              
 Relevant Skills and Attributes
A qualified candidate will possess many of the following skills and attributes:

Expertise in observational and quasi-experimental research designs
Strong foundations in the conception and measurement of human health, function and disability and/or labour market exposures
Strong skills in quantitative statistical data analysis and interpretation
Curiosity, enthusiasm and rigour
Very strong project management expertise, with demonstrated experience in the design and execution of project workplans
Well developed interpersonal skills in supporting the work of multidisciplinary research teams
Strong skills in scientific communications, both oral and written
Confident skills in communicating with non-research audiences

Duties and Responsibilities
The following are the expected duties and responsibilities as a member of the scientific staff of the Institute:

Develop a research agenda in work & health as a principal investigator and participate as a co-investigator in other research projects;
Lead a team of researchers in advancing the work & health agenda in Ontario
Lead the development of proposals for submission to research granting councils and applied research funding sources;
Lead the authorship of publications in the peer-reviewed literature;
Interact with the Institute’s Knowledge Transfer & Exchange staff and relevant stakeholders in collaborative research, knowledge transfer & exchange and evaluation activities;
Comply with the Institute’s polices on scientific and ethical review and administrative policies; and
Contribute to the general work environment and intellectual life of the Institute.