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3 Lessons I Learned as Hiring Manager at a Canadian University

Posted On November, 09-11-2016

It is always useful to see things from the perspective of people we deal with.  I have been working for several different universities in Canada for over 20 years and have hired for many academic positions. I have met job candidates of different calibres, with impressive as well as regular credentials and experiences. Do you […]

Preparing for a Job Interview by Thinking like the Hiring Manager

Posted On December, 18-12-2013

One of the most stressful processes that many of us do is to prepare and go through the process of a job interview. How can one prepare for an interview? You don’t know who the person is you will be meeting with, you don’t know what the environment will be like and you certainly don’t […]

Stop blaming yourself: Hiring practices are inconsistent

Posted On December, 04-12-2016

Most job seekers blame themselves when they can’t find a job. Repeated rejection leads them to go the distance to find new ways to get a job.  They invest time and money in new skills, upgraded education, resume writing, even a professional photograph. All of these attempts to improve your chances are commendable and useful.  […]

Education Job in Canada: How to Make a Difference

Posted On November, 01-11-2016

Education is one of the biggest advantages of the human race since time immemorial; it has proved to be crucial towards the development of individuals, nations and the world. Thus, the value of education and the education sector cannot overemphasize. This is the reason many nations are allocating special budgets for the training of professionals […]

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