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Working for Canadian Universities: Understanding Academic Culture

Posted On December, 11-12-2013

Have you considered working for a Canadian University? If you love to teach others and value the meaning of a quality education, perhaps an academic job or a job in education is something you should consider. A university is a whole world within itself; not only from the faculty’s point of view but the students […]

Are You Blaming Your Co-Workers or Helping Find Solutions

Posted On December, 06-12-2013

Employers take a big gamble when they post jobs. Canada is like most other countries where the number of unemployed is high, yet employers are having a difficult time filling open positions. After they post jobs, Canadian employers start looking for high-quality workers and cannot seem to find them. Even more perplexing, they are posting […]

Are you Choosing the Right Employer or Overlooking the Warning Signs?

Posted On December, 05-12-2013

Due to the scarcity of jobs in the market today, people willingly jump on any offer they may receive. What they fail to assess however is, if these are good jobs in general or, in our case more specifically good higher education jobs for themselves. In fact, many people overlook the obvious signs that an […]

Avoid Mistakes in these Key Workplace Behaviour and Etiquettes

Posted On December, 05-12-2013

When employers post a job opening, they are looking for a lot more than what is listed on the job description. Individuals conducting a job search should be aware of this. Their behavior in the workplace is just as important as the work they produce. In addition to the way they act, job seekers should […]