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What You Need to Know about Resumes and Cover Letters

Posted On December, 30-12-2013

  Whether you are conducting your job search online or not, how well you present yourself in your cover letter and resume is critical to your success. Most people think of these two documents as carved in stone. In other words, once you’ve done a resume and cover letter you can use it for every […]

Nine Steps for Climbing the Career Ladder

Posted On December, 29-12-2013

Why is it that some people seem to make rapid progress in their careers while others don’t? Are you one of the people sitting at the bottom of the ladder looking up and wishing? Whether you work for a Canadian university, in higher education in general or any other industry, the challenges are the same. […]


Understanding Job Postings at Canadian Universities

Posted On December, 27-12-2013

When a university posts a job opening, it must be clear and precise in the request. If the posting is not clear it can be easily misunderstood. On the flip side, if you do not understand certain university job posting terminology, you may not understand the academic job descriptions. It is commonly admitted in Canada […]

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Preparing for a Job Interview by Thinking like the Hiring Manager

Posted On December, 18-12-2013

One of the most stressful processes that many of us do is to prepare and go through the process of a job interview. How can one prepare for an interview? You don’t know who the person is you will be meeting with, you don’t know what the environment will be like and you certainly don’t […]

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