How to Adjust to a New Manager

How to Adjust to a New Manager

  • Monday January 13th, 2014
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If you are an employee in a firm you must be ready for the many changes that can happen while you work. From time to time, employees come and go, as well as managers. In many positions in education jobs or university jobs, adjusting to a new manager could cause problems for everyone employed with that particular institution. Do not allow these small conflicts to cause you to have to search for a new job. Follow the advice below to learn how to quickly adjust to the differences a new manager can bring to higher education jobs.

Don’t expect the new manager to adjust to your way of doing things

If you have been working in education jobs for a while, it is unlikely that your new manager is going to adjust immediately to the way you do things. It is going to take them time to learn and adjust. Often, new managers in academic jobs have a plan to change things to their way when they take a new position. New managers may have a different idea and understanding regarding their roles and what is expected in University jobs. Sometimes this does not work well in the company, and causes a lot of stress and turmoil between managers and employees. It is vital that employees adapt and work with the new manager, while trying to understand their point of view on things.

You must prove yourself again with every new manager

Often in education jobs, higher positions are only temporary. Additionally, keep in mind that just because one manager thought you did exceedingly well, does not mean that the next manager will feel the same about your work performance. It is your responsibility to adapt to each new manager’s style, as well as learn their priorities regarding job performance.  Do not present yourself as a know it all, or your new manager may quickly develop an opinion about you and your work performance that may be hard to undo. It is important to build trust with every new manager so that they know you are an appropriate fit for these styles of academic jobs.

Always prepare for the transition with a new manager

So when you find out that your employer has posted a job to hire a new manager, do not panic. Just realize that they have come from a different company with a different set of rules and standards that they will likely try to incorporate into your company as well. These may not be what you are used to by any means, but you should try to adjust the best you can.  By hiring that manager, your college or institution has deemed their background, personality and style to match their current priorities and needs. Universities in Canada will post jobs to hire more managers and leaders in the future for the same position. Additionally, who knows, you could be in this predicament in the upcoming years yourself. Never judge a manager; instead, try to put yourself in their position.  The sooner you learn to accept their new ways in your higher education job, the better off the entire institution will be, and hopefully you will keep growing your career too.


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