3 Simple and Efficient Steps to Attract the Best Job Candidates

3 Simple and Efficient Steps to Attract the Best Job Candidates

  • Sunday February 23rd, 2014
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Hiring Right Candidate

Before you post a job on a website, you may want to seek some additional advice in order to be certain you attract only qualified candidates for the position. Academic jobs can attract all kinds of applicants; many of them are definitely competent to fulfill certain positions. It is vital to ensure that the person you hire has all of the professional qualifications and personality profile  that you desire.


1. Know Thyself and You will Attract the Right Job Candidates

As surprising as it may sound, getting the right job candidate starts with knowing your own institution, your mission and strategic or operational objectives.  You cannot find what you need that is good for you, unless you know yourself, are clear on what you are looking for and may help your college or university excel. Hiring new employees is one of the most strategic and important decision you can ever make for your university. In a sense, hiring is the process of finding a job candidate whose profile matches your needs.

That’s why preparing a job posting description should not be taken lightly and should require your utmost attention. All too often, hiring managers may prepare job descriptions that are too general or even vague, incomplete about the duties of the position and skimp on how the job ties to the overall organization goals.
Remember, there is no such thing as a absolute bad employee; in reality, there is a mismatch with your institution. An employee is always a good match to a certain organization. It is your responsibility to find the person who matches your university employment.


2. Present your Institution from a Marketing Standpoint
As much as you would like to attract good employees, note that the reverse is also true and good employees are looking for good companies, great work environment where they can thrive and make important contributions. To entice the right person for your jobs in education, you should organize the perfect profile and demonstrate why a great talent should apply for your job and skip your competitors.

Canada has a skilled workforce with many qualified job seekers. So you may have a choice; but so do the star employees you are seeking. Hence, to reach the right job candidate, you should discuss the benefits, the working environment, as well as letting them know the performance standard for the type of person you desire to employ.
Step back and pretend that you are the person searching for work. By looking at your job posting profile, would you feel comfortable applying with your institution?  You need to get others motivated by bragging about your company a bit. Explain the transformational change for higher education jobs in the future, as well as discuss those who have successfully moved up on the ladder at your establishment. Be authentic and package your best arguments concisely.

Do you have a video about working at your university? What about what employees have to say about your work environment?  Are you forgetting all those media reports about your achievements and reputation?
If your college or university has a good reputation for your workers, then people seeking higher education jobs will apply and hope to be hired with your institution.   So overall, to charm the best employee for the position, it is vital to generate their interest in your company. Additionally, if you want the right candidates to seek out your company, marketing is an important procedure to get your name known.
Human Resources should work with specialists from the Marketing department to refine job postings to make them attractive products to ensure buy-in from top and talented job candidates.


3.  Choose the Right Job Board to Post your Job

Once you have all your job posting materials, your next step is to get your job ad out where the candidate you are seeking tread. While a general job board may help you reach a large number of applicants, that may also be an invitation to a large volume of irrelevant applications that will waste your time to sort through.  You should investigate to find out where the type of candidate you want to reach typically meet or go. Is there a user group, a forum or more importantly a niche job board that caters to that audience?

Niche job boards tend to be more targeted. As an example, In Canada, a niche job board like EduJobsCanada.com is specialized in jobs in higher education and is integrated with most major social media platforms where they also automatically publish your job ad to reach out a bigger audience.
During your job posting period, some candidates may not visit the one job site where you posted your job. Hence, it is wise to distribute your job through multiple channels, starting with those that specialize in your recruiting area.

Hiring the right candidates is at the heart of an organization success. Your effort will pay off if you follow a few efficient steps in planning and good execution.


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