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How to Deal with an Indecisive Manager

University employment can be made stressful whenever your boss can’t seem to make up his or her mind. It can be frustrating because you always seem to be guessing as to what this manager wants, and may even be given conflicting instructions on completing certain tasks. As surprising as it may sound, you should know […]

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8 Powerful Workplace Etiquettes for Success

You’ve found your dream job. You are on cloud nine! However you realize you have never worked in a higher education or corporate environment before. What should you do? What are the rules?

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Listening: The Forgotten Art of Communication in the Workplace

Listening is something that we all say we do, but do we really? To be a good listener, one must have good listening skills. Yes, there are skills necessary to successfully communicate with others. Somewhere along the way, some of us have lost these skills and we need to retrain ourselves whether that is done […]

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Are You Blaming Your Co-Workers or Helping Find Solutions

Employers take a big gamble when they post jobs. Canada is like most other countries where the number of unemployed is high, yet employers are having a difficult time filling open positions. After they post jobs, Canadian employers start looking for high-quality workers and cannot seem to find them. Even more perplexing, they are posting […]

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Avoid Mistakes in these Key Workplace Behaviour and Etiquettes

When employers post a job opening, they are looking for a lot more than what is listed on the job description. Individuals conducting a job search should be aware of this. Their behavior in the workplace is just as important as the work they produce. In addition to the way they act, job seekers should […]

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How to dress for a job interview?

Put yourself in the interviewer’s perspective. A person comes into an interview, has an excellent resume, sounds great on the phone, but is dressed in shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and their hair is a mess. Would you hire this person? Chances are you would be thinking about what they were wearing and not about their […]

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How to Understand the Different Personalities in the Workplace?

You finally found your ideal job, and now it is your first day at work. How do you behave in the workplace? We all fall into certain categories of depending on our personality. Which type are you and how will you handle the other types? The basic guidelines are as follows. Leader “Leaders are born […]

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How To Manage Relations With Your Supervisor

Education jobs are just like any other employment in terms of reporting relationships. Whether they hold down elementary, secondary, or higher education jobs, workers usually have a supervisor. While they are conducting their job search, they may not even know the title of this person. What they do know is that they are expected to […]

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