8 Powerful Workplace Etiquettes for Success

8 Powerful Workplace Etiquettes for Success

  • dimanche, der 2. février 2014
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workplace etiquette-respectYou’ve found your dream job. You are on cloud nine! However you realize you have never worked in a higher education or corporate environment before. What should you do? What are the rules?

While every organization, be it a Canadian university, college or other type of company, has its own particular culture developed over time, and generally with a strong influence from senior management, there are also many common rules about how to behave at work.

As more and more businesses, including academic institutions and schools, take a team approach to getting the job done, teams are required to function smoothly, and produce results, which means every individual doing their share to make it work.

Here are 8 rules to help you fit in, and contribute positively to your workplace.

1)      Attitude, attitude, attitude: People appreciate working with someone who has a positive attitude. Be friendly to everyone you work with. Don’t carry grudges or get caught up in   gossip or negative talk about your co-workers or the company.

2)      Know your role and responsibilities: It’s natural on first joining a company to be excited and full of great ideas. People appreciate that kind of enthusiasm, especially in academic and university positions where the sharing and analysis of ideas are part of the culture.But make sure to think before you speak. Does what you have to contribute fit within your role?

3)      Be on time or early for work, and meetings: Nothing shows disrespect for other people’s time more than showing up late for meetings. And think twice about arriving late for work. It does not send the kind of message you want your bosses to get about you.

4)      Be a clear communicator: Always treat you co-workers with respect. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean they are worse or better. Whether in writing or verbally, say what you mean clearly. Pay attention to your non-verbal behavior. Make appropriate eye contact, maintain an open posture and treat others as you want to be treated.

5)      Don’t leave your team hanging: Get into the habit of responding to emails, and other communiques by the end of the day if possible. Don’t make people chase you. Over time with this behaviour, you will develop a reputation for being reliable, and trustworthy.

6)      Use proper email etiquette: It is easy to  fire off a quick email in response to someone without thinking it through. Take that extra minute before you hit the send button, to make sure you are sending the right message. Never get into a negative exchange with someone by email or elsewhere in the office for that matter.

7)      Leave your personal life at home: While it’s normal for everyone to have the occasional personal situation that intrudes on their work place, for the most part do not bring your personal issues to work. No one really wants to know about that big fight you had with your spouse last night. Honestly!

8)      Acknowledge others: While you are trying to do your best work, and contribute to the team, you’re not the only one working at the company. Everyone likes to be appreciated for their efforts, so make it your challenge to pay attention to others contributions, and be generous with your praise.

If you follow these 8 simple rules and etiquettes you are sure to fit in, and be appreciated by your co-workers and your academic institution or company!


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