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Cost of Education vs. Miseducation

1.       Healthcare If authorities invest $1000 in good education, people will likely lead a Healthy Lifestyle as a result. Otherwise, as people are miseducated and likely to live an unhealthy lifestyle, that increases the cost of preventable diseases for society at a cost of $10,000. 2.       Public Safety If $1,500 is invested in good education, […]

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How to Keep up with Advances in Your Field

 Why Bother Like any field of study, yours keeps evolving: new discoveries are made: old theories slide into oblivion.   As an educator who develops others in the field, it is critical that you regularly incorporate these changes into your thinking, your research and your teaching.  Your reputation, career advancement, perhaps, even your employment depends upon […]

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Education Job in Canada: How to Make a Difference

Education is one of the biggest advantages of the human race since time immemorial; it has proved to be crucial towards the development of individuals, nations and the world. Thus, the value of education and the education sector cannot overemphasize. This is the reason many nations are allocating special budgets for the training of professionals […]

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How to Turn Your Shyness into Your Advantage in the Workplace

Shyness has long been perceived as a negative trait for those who want to advance their careers, but you can definitely use it to your advantage! The secret is all about making people realize that your shyness is actually a strength. Think of it as a marketing or branding strategy to improve your professional image. […]

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3 Common Career Mistakes People Make

When you’re planning a career, it can feel awfully like carving a declaration into stone: painful and inescapable. This causes anxiety, stress, and a great deal of self doubt because for most people there is so much riding on our decision. From evaluating the prospective job market and the economic conditions to assessing our own […]

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Tips For First Day at a New Job

Starting a new job is an exciting adventure but can also be stressful because you are in a new place with unfamiliar people around you and you are expected to perform at your very best. It is important to start off on the right foot with your boss and co-workers so there are a few […]

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How Secure is Your Job in Higher Education?

Working at an institution of higher education has many advantages, including excellent benefits, and a vibrant, like-minded community.

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How to Deal with an Indecisive Manager

University employment can be made stressful whenever your boss can’t seem to make up his or her mind. It can be frustrating because you always seem to be guessing as to what this manager wants, and may even be given conflicting instructions on completing certain tasks. As surprising as it may sound, you should know […]

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9 Steps to Dealing with Difficult Staff in Unionized University Environment

It happens everywhere, even in a university environment. When you post a job, you expect to hire the best employee. Yet, there is going to be a few employees who just aren’t happy about anything and use their union as their shield. The small number of unhappy faculty/staff can cause tidal waves over a small […]

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Career Advice to a Recent Grad Student

Congratulations, your hard work has finally paid off; you have graduated from college.  Now it is time to look for a job. Whether you are considering an academic job, since you now have an advanced degree, there are many things that you should be concerned with before entering the work force. It is vital to […]

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How to Adjust to a New Manager

If you are an employee in a firm you must be ready for the many changes that can happen while you work. From time to time, employees come and go, as well as managers. In many positions in education jobs or university jobs, adjusting to a new manager could cause problems for everyone employed with […]

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Nine Steps for Climbing the Career Ladder

Why is it that some people seem to make rapid progress in their careers while others don’t? Are you one of the people sitting at the bottom of the ladder looking up and wishing? Whether you work for a Canadian university, in higher education in general or any other industry, the challenges are the same. […]

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Working for Canadian Universities: Understanding Academic Culture

Have you considered working for a Canadian University? If you love to teach others and value the meaning of a quality education, perhaps an academic job or a job in education is something you should consider. A university is a whole world within itself; not only from the faculty’s point of view but the students […]

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Are You Blaming Your Co-Workers or Helping Find Solutions

Employers take a big gamble when they post jobs. Canada is like most other countries where the number of unemployed is high, yet employers are having a difficult time filling open positions. After they post jobs, Canadian employers start looking for high-quality workers and cannot seem to find them. Even more perplexing, they are posting […]

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Are you Choosing the Right Employer or Overlooking the Warning Signs?

Due to the scarcity of jobs in the market today, people willingly jump on any offer they may receive. What they fail to assess however is, if these are good jobs in general or, in our case more specifically good higher education jobs for themselves. In fact, many people overlook the obvious signs that an […]

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Avoid Mistakes in these Key Workplace Behaviour and Etiquettes

When employers post a job opening, they are looking for a lot more than what is listed on the job description. Individuals conducting a job search should be aware of this. Their behavior in the workplace is just as important as the work they produce. In addition to the way they act, job seekers should […]

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How to Understand the Different Personalities in the Workplace?

You finally found your ideal job, and now it is your first day at work. How do you behave in the workplace? We all fall into certain categories of depending on our personality. Which type are you and how will you handle the other types? The basic guidelines are as follows. Leader “Leaders are born […]

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Take Charge of your Career Management

If you are just starting your career, deciding on a goal and developing a plan for your career can be daunting. There are so many choices available, and they all seem to require some level of experience. The decisions you make now, and the ones you will make in the future, all affect your career. […]

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How To Manage Relations With Your Supervisor

Education jobs are just like any other employment in terms of reporting relationships. Whether they hold down elementary, secondary, or higher education jobs, workers usually have a supervisor. While they are conducting their job search, they may not even know the title of this person. What they do know is that they are expected to […]

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Stay Motivated in Your Job Search

Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows how challenging and time consuming it can be. Especially in today’s world, where so much of the search is conducted over the internet and through social media and the average time to find employment has risen to 8 months. You may start out with all the […]

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